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How Texas TMJ & Pain Management Treats TMJ Patients From Plano, TX

Are you searching for a top-notch TMJ dentist in the Plano, TX area? Dr. Virk has received outstanding reviews from his patients and peers who appreciate his expertise in a range of different Orofacial pain/TMJ conditions area residents need. Dr Virk relates to patients on a personal level & offer compassionate care for all their TMJ, orofacial pain, snoring & sleep apnea management needs.


What Sets Our Dental Care Apart From Another Plano, TX TMJ Dentist?

You can choose from many different dentists treating TMJ in the area. Why pick ours? Dr Virk is the only dentist in Plano area who did an extensive 2-year residency training in Orofacial pain management learning to properly diagnose and treat conditions ranging form TMJ (jaw pain), trigeminal neuralgia and dental management of sleep apnea & snoring.


What is TMJ disorder?

Proper diagnosis of TMJ disorder can be extremely difficult because it has a wide range of symptoms. By gathering some basic idea about some common symptoms involving face, head, ear, and teeth, you can certainly help your Plano, TX TMJ/Orofacial Pain specialist to diagnose the problem promptly and correctly. Evaluation and identification of hard tissues is generally done by using CT scans and X-rays. The physical examinations for TMJ related complications include postural, cranial, dental, neurological, and TMJ examination.


Mentioned below are some classical symptoms of TMJ that are faced by most patients:

TMJ Clicking refers to the snapping and popping of jaw joint and is the most common symptom of a dysfunctional TMJ. Popping /clicking may or may not be accompanied by pain in the joint.

TMJ locking is another common symptom of TMJ disorder. Patients suffering from this symptom find it difficult to open or move their jaws beyond a certain point. Locked joints can be unlocked by an expert TMJ Plano dentist by through exam and proper treatment.

TMJ Headache is caused due to muscle pain resulting from irregular muscle movement by the grinding and clenching of teeth. This clenching and grinding also results in sensitive teeth.


Improper diagnosis and treatment of these problems like root canals or extractions can only worsen the problem. It is important to have the problem examined by an experienced TMJ Plano dentist if you face any of these problems. Proper diagnosis followed by treatment can solve your TMJ related problems effectively.


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